Part Number: W22511752H

//Part Number: W22511752H

Part Number: W22511752H

Size: 22.5 x 11.75 2H
Mount: Ag / Imp. / Floatation
Bolt Pattern: 8 on 8 Crème

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Product Description offers this W22511752H wheel in a color Crème as a heavy-duty flotation wheel only to be used on slow moving tow behind tillage implements, air seeders, and spreaders with 8 on 8 bolt pattern.
Also, with a double valve on each wheel gives you the opportunity to turn your wheel around for the spacing that best suits your needs.

suggested tire sizes:

these Heavy-Duty Implement / Ag / Floatation wheels are ready to meet your high demands including a superior coating for added longevity.
Please seek help from your sales consultant to make sure you are getting the right weight capacity wheel for your specific application.

Additional Specs



Bolt Hole

Bolt Circle

Bolt Pattern


Wheel Offset

Disc Thickness

Approx. Wt (lbs)

Max. Load & Inflation

Vehicle Type


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