Aluminum vs Chrome

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Aluminum vs. Chrome:

It can be tough sometimes to tell the difference between Aluminum vs Chrome wheels.  Many people often ask for chrome when in reality what they saw and fell in love with was aluminum.  Both wheels provide a sleek and polished finish that add so much to the look of your truck.  And who doesn’t want to look good?

Advantages of Aluminum:

Longer Lasting Shine – The main advantage of Aluminum wheels vs Chrome wheels is that A1 aluminum wheels will always stay true to their shine for as long as you wish to maintain them, saving you money in the long-run.  What looks like chrome is often actually a traditional polished wheel that has a better life expectancy than the chrome wheel they originally asked for.

Cost-Effective – Chrome coating is much more expensive which means you pay way more for something that doesn’t normally last as long.

Easy Maintenance – When you buy a shiny wheel from A1 Wheels, you are buying a pure forged aluminum wheel with a polished finish.  Keeping up that shine is simple!  You only need to do a light polishing now and then to maintain its best-in-class finish which can be done over and over again for many years to come.  Chrome on the other hand is just a coating on the wheel which offers the same shine, however, over time will it often chip and peel off the wheel leaving you a horrible finish you are NOT going to like.

We’ve Got You Covered:

The sales associates here at Rimco, Inc. make sure we’re clear on what you need from your wheels, so that given the choice, you can make an informed decision to get all the benefits that come with an aluminum wheel, with that same great polished look of chrome, and at a much more affordable price.