Part Number: 24582WD

//Part Number: 24582WD

Part Number: 24582WD

Size: 24.5 x 8.25
Mount: Demountable, Dual Mounting
Bolt Pattern: open center

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Product Description will ensure you have the lightest, strongest, best balanced, best looking wheel of its class on the market increasing your efficiencies and making your life better along with the peace of mind of a 5 year limited warranty.
This open center 24.5 wheel should fit any cast spoke hub that has had a 22″ tubetype or maybe already has a 24.5 wheel that simply needs replacing, it comes with a valve stem and Platinum Coating allowing this wheel to go to work for you immediately.

suggested tire sizes:

Demountable (Dayton) Wheels
Demountable wheels, most often known as Dayton wheels or open center wheels are fastened onto a cast spoke hub by means of wedges as seen in the attached photo.
tubetype 20″ dayton wheels can be replaced by 22.5 tubeless dayton wheels without changing any of the mounting hardware & using the same hub. this same conversion works for 15″ tubetype going to 17.5″ tubeless & 22″ tubetype going to 24.5″ tubeless.


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Bolt Hole

Bolt Circle

Bolt Pattern


Wheel Offset

Disc Thickness

Approx. Wt (lbs)

Max. Load & Inflation

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