How To Order

/How To Order

A1 Wheels – distributed by Rimco, Inc. offers a one on one shopping experience.   We invite you – the buyer – to call or e-mail to contact one of our highly trained wheel & tire specialists to make sure you are buying the right wheel for your specific needs.

We want to better understand the needs of our customers to offer better pricing than our competition.  By reaching out to regarding product price and letting us know the type of location you have will help ensure the best freight option keeping the price the lowest so we both win!!  This is why we ask you to “Get A Price” and fill out our product enquiry form for pricing.

A1 Wheels / Rimco, Inc. take pride in our best-in-class products knowing you will be better satisfied with our products and services, above and beyond any other brand or distributor.  We also have a number of additional products not listed on our website that we can suggest to provide you the best wheel solution.

Please click on the links below to view our high volume products and remember to “Get A Price” to create the order that will best suit your needs.

View Aluminum Wheels

Aluminum truck wheels add a polished and customized look to your truck.

View Steel Wheels

Steel Truck Wheels are the steady, reliable classic choice of the wheel world.