Benefits of A1

/Benefits of A1

For everybody still rolling with steel wheels, it may be time to change out those rusty relics to improve your professional image. A1 Truck Wheels offer everything in one wheel.  We offer aluminum wheels and steel wheels with the best quality finish, lightest weight, best runout, best package and best price.  Each wheel is built to deliver all the best features.  Here are the benefits of our best features:

Lightest Weight

Save on fuel so you save on costs
Better payload
Environmentally friendly

Strongest Wheel

Longevity saves money long-term
Less chance of downtime
Maximum payload

Precision Balance

Longer tire wear reducing your cost per mile
Less vibration means less wear & tear on all your truck components

Polish Protection

Cool chrome-look finish
Protects the wheel to stand up to corrosive elements for a longer period of time

Pre-Installed Valve Stem

Most tire shops will charge you for the addition – ours comes installed at no extra cost

Our 5 – Year Warranty

The timeframe proves that we stand behind our brand and products.
In 7+ years we have never had a claim filed on our products which means you can ride with peace of mind and confidence.

Compare Our Wheels

Our aluminum wheels offer the same specs so the wheel will bolt onto your rig.

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