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A1truckwheels.com is part of the Rimco, Inc. Group of Brands – Manufacturing & Distributing Specifications Above the Rest.

Rimco, Inc. started in the early 2000’s supplying wheel needs to the commercial trucking fleet market. This provided us a direct view on what wheel features needed to improve to better meet the demands of today’s producers.  This guided us in developing our manufacturing/distribution benefits that the consumers need to meet these missed demands.

We believe in making it our business to know what wheels you need and/or use in view of having best product in stock, packaged well, ready to ship on demand.

A1 was developed to become the new leading standard in the market, producing an “All in 1 wheel” using the best-in-class products and finish, engineered and executed by the expertise of highly trained teams knowing how to meet the demands of the industry.

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