Part Number: 1953678P

//Part Number: 1953678P

Part Number: 1953678P

Size: 19.5 x 6.75
Mount: Hub-Piloted; Dual Mounting
Bolt Pattern: 8-275mm
Polish finish both sides

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Product Description will ensure you have the lightest, strongest, best balanced, best looking wheel of its class on the market increasing your efficiencies and making your life better along with the peace of mind of a 5 year limited warranty.
This 19.5 wheel should fit any hub that has an 8 on 275mm (10.82″)bolt pattern, these come polished on both sides to be used on a drive or trailer position or the other side to used on steer. (contact A1 for details)
For those that want just a machine finish wheel to save money this polished wheel works too as it is one LOW price so one wheel works for everybody.

suggested tire size:

Hub Piloted Wheels
A single cone lock nut is used on each bolt, for single or dual wheels, front or rear axles. Only right-hand threads are required. Wheels for this type of system have straight-through stud holes, without a spherical chamfer.

Hub Piloted – the nut has a built in flange washer

Hub Piloted Wheels Definition- Hub Piloted wheels are designed to center on the hub at the bore of the wheel centered on the studs or bolt holes of the hub. These wheels generally have straight through bolt holes (not tapered or chamfered), since the bolt holes only supply clearance for the stud. Hub Piloted wheel measurements are often referenced in millimeters (mm). Hub Piloted wheels can easily be identified by straight, non-chamfered, and non-tapered bolt holes edges


Additional Specs



Bolt Hole

Bolt Circle

Bolt Pattern


Wheel Offset

Disc Thickness

Approx. Wt (lbs)

Max. Load & Inflation

Vehicle Type


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